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Arvind sametha south indian hindi dubbed full hd movie download 2018

Arvind sametha south indian hindi dubbed full hd movie download 2018

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Arvind sametha south indian hindi dubbed full hd movie download 2018
Arvind sametha south indian hindi dubbed full hd movie download 2018

Movie info :-

The story is based on two small groups of Rayalaseema operated villages. Veera Raghava Reddy (NTR) loses own father in to thats fights and abandoned his village. He reached Hyderabad and started living with the family of Arvind (Pooja Hegde). But unfortunately, the opposition gang continued to chase him under the chairmanship of Bassee Reddy (Jagapati Babu). The rest of the story is how Veera Raghav fights with his enemies and eliminates the problems of all factions in his area.

NTR is a top class actor and there is no doubt about it. But what happens when actors like him work towards the direction of Trivikram. The answer is Arvind Sametha. As expected, NTR shows great changes in the movie and gives a powerful performance. Do not forget the NTR's six-pack look, which will give all fans a smiling moment in the theaters.
Pooja Hegde is the perfect fit in the role of Arvind. She looks glamorous and her dubbing also makes her role perfectly suitable. It seems that things have changed well because Sunil has returned to a character role and supports NTR in the film.
The interval block is handled well. The last twenty minutes of the movie are emotional and end the proceedings on the winning note. Esha Reba gets a decent role and does well. Jagapathi Babu is at the top of the list as the most dangerous villain and during his mountaineering his views with NTR have been well-imagined.
Talented actor, Navin Chandra has an important role and he is very good. His angry expressions and the way he has faced the power of NTR without any hesitation, shows his talent. A special scene where NTR warns goons to save the heroine, is written quite well. Rao Ramesh, Subhalekha Sudhakar and Brahmaji have played their supporting roles for full support.
Arvind sametha south indian hindi dubbed full hd movie download 2018

One of the biggest drawbacks of the film is that there is an old topic in it. Trikikam is known about big scripts but it is missing here because they have taken an old story and have shown the NTR in a new incarnation.
Thaman gives decent songs, but Trivedi does not shoot the audience properly. The romantic track between Lead couple is a bit sluggish because some more fun scenes should have been added to make things interesting for the audience.
It seems that Trikkrum has focused more on emotional thread instead of entertainment part which can not be good with a certain class of viewers. Film length is also an issue because it requires serious editing in both parts.
Extends NTR's action image on a large scale. Production prices by Chinna Babu are just great because establishment of each frame and Rayalaseema seems extraordinary. The fights created by Ram Laxman are riveting and performing the NTR in a great way. The NTR in the film is very well-styled.
Special mention in production design for a spectacular set to portray the faction culture. The songs are meaningful and songs such as Penwith are rich in emotions. The camera work by PS Vinod is yet another added attraction and shows a faction background in a sensational light. Edit is equal.
Director Trivikram is coming, he has a decent job with the film. He sets the tempo high in the first fifteen minutes and after that he loses a little control. But it increases the gap and eliminates mountaineering in a sensible way. Trikikam has demonstrated that NTR is a great way and removes solid performance from it. Completely, Arvind Samatha is an emotional roller coaster that has been narrated on a serious note. NTR gives a stand-out performance and takes the film to its shoulders. According to the story, nothing is new but Trikikaram has ensured that the proceeding material is operated and does not tamper with unnecessary aspects. Since this is a holiday season, the film will do well and will delight the audience who is looking for a perfect second treatment.
Puja hegde

Pooja Hegde is an Indian film actress and model born in Mumbai. Pooja Hegde was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The family of Puja is related to the Udupi district of Karnataka. Apart from Hindi language, Puja has full knowledge of Tulu, English, Kannada and Tamil also. Pooja had been fond of fashion and modeling since her college days, due to which she used to participate in all these competitions from the days of school and college.
Career Pooja was out of competition after reaching half of Miss Femina India in 2009. After this he again applied for the Miss Universe India contest in 2010. He ran second runner up in this competition. After this competition, he got a chance in the South films. She beginning her career with the Tamil film Mughmodo. His actor lives in this movie. After that he appeared in the Telugu film Oka Laila Kosam with the serpent Chaitanya. Recently, Chiranjeevi's nephew Varun Tej has appeared in the film Mukund-Mukunda. The Gopikamma song that was filmed on the actress in this movie has become very beautiful.
He started his career with a film called Miskin made in Tamil, which was made in 2012. In 2016, it appeared in the movie Mohanjo Dara with Hrithik Roshan.

Arvind sametha south indian hindi dubbed full hd movie download 2018

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