Thursday, 15 November 2018

Pihu full movie download 2018 HD 720p

Pihu full movie download 2018 HD 720p

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Pihu full movie download 2018 HD 720p
Pihu full movie download 2018 HD 720p

Pihu full movie download 2018 HD 720p

Movie info :-

Name - Pihu full movie download 2018 HD 720p

Genres - Drama, Thriller

Quality - 720p hd Blu-ray

Language - Hindi

Category - Bollywood movie

Release date - 16 November 2018 , India

Cast - Myera Vishwakarma , Vinod kapdi

Vinod Kapdi, who has been working in the journalism world for a long time, started making filmmaking work with 'Miss Tanakpur HaaZir Ho' after making many documentary films. After that, also created a National Award Winning Short Film and has now produced the film 'Pihu' based on true events. Let's know what the film is finally made of .

Myera Vishwakarma

Myera Vishwakarma

Myera Vishwakarma is an Indian child actress who will soon be seen in the film Pehu.

What is the story of the movie?

Pihu is a thriller story. The story of the film belongs to a house of NCR adjacent to Delhi, where mother dies shortly after celebrating the birthday of the daughter. A 2-year-old girl Pihu (Myra) attempts to talk with her mother repeatedly lying in bed at the whole time. Pihu does not know anything about his father, his father is out of town and there is no one in the house. In the meanwhile many incidents occur. Pihu comes from the home's balcony to the bottom lobby. He does not care about anything. He can't even talk to anyone. Because it is not even learned to speak properly. So you will have to watch the movie to find out what happens ultimately.

Why watch movie?

The story of the film is based on actual events, which is quite interesting. The biggest thing is that while watching the film, you are engaged with him while supporting Pihu all the time. Many times there are emotional moments. The story goes forward. There are many such sequences in the movie when you sit in the heart of the heart that there is no accident. Once the roasting heat goes on the gas, many times people knock on the door but they are unable to open the door. Vinod is eligible for congratulations for the art of roasting for the same character for about 91 minutes.

Myra Vishwakarma, who plays Pihu, has done the best and best acting. Pihu fully binds. This is such a story, whose imagination will only frighten you. A big house, within which the 2-year-old girl is with her dead mother. He is carrying out different actions. Such a girl, who is not aware of anything. After the closure of a house, the story of Vikramaditya Motwani was seen in 'Trapped' some time ago, in which Rajkumar Rao had worked. In this film, Vinod Kapadi has done the same thing from a 2 year old girl.

Weak Links

The film is a thriller story, in which the background score is of great importance. But its background score is weak. Because of this, the effect of the Feilings is a little faded. Also, the audience who likes to laugh funny jokes, the film is not made for them. Many sequences of the film could have been better. As well as some new and interesting parts were added, the film would have been successful in getting the dam.

Box office

The film's budget is less than 1 crore. It has also been appreciated in many film festivals. It is also backed up by producers like Ronnie Screwvala and Siddharth Roy Kapur. The release of the film will be good and with the theater as well as on TV will receive great response. The budget will be easily recovered.

Pihu full movie download 2018 HD 720p